Survival Mode

General Info

Survival mode focuses on a unique survival experience by adding things like with player claims, right - click crop harvest, tree felling by chopping the bottom block and so on.

You start with 100 claim blocks and gain 100 more for every hour you play up to 2000 claim blocks.
Noone can build or grief your claim, and if you want to play with friends you can add them to the claim.

Dimension Reset

Due to the limited size of the Nether & End dimensions, they will occationally be reset.
Because of this, player claims inside these dimensions are therefore disabled.

The Arena

To fight in the arena the player need special items to spawn bosses. Currently there is only one such item which can be obtained by slaying a Lighting Dragon in the End.
The Lighting Dragon can only spawn on the end island itself, but it's not guaranteed so if it's not there when you get there, come back after waiting a while!

Once the player have the special item they can enter the arena and right-click it onto the altar to spawn the boss.

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